How long does a typical replaster job take?
Most jobs can be completed within a week (2 weeks including start-up).

How soon can I swim in my newly plastered pool/spa?
As soon as the start-up is completed (typically 5 days after completion of plaster).

What is the warranty on a newly plastered/finished pool & spas?
10 years for residential pools and 5 years for commercial pools. The warranty is on bonding- we guarantee our plaster will not detach, peel, or break.

What is a start-up?
The start up is a very critical process required on all newly plastered swimming pools and spas. New plaster releases dust that must be properly brushed and vacuumed daily (for 5 consecutive days) otherwise the dust will stick to the surface and tarnish the appearance of the plaster. The start-up also includes a proper balancing of the pool’s water chemistry. The duration of the start-up is roughly a week (5 days) and we highly recommend hiring us OR another professional to perform the service.
*Here is a link from the National Plasterers Council with more information http://www.npconline.org/mc/page.do?sitePageId=63487&orgId=npc

How can I check if a contractor is licensed with the State License board?
You can check online at https://www2.cslb.ca.gov/OnlineServices/CheckLicenseII/checklicense.aspx or call 1-800-321-2752.
*Hiring a licensed contractor is very important in protecting the homeowner against any possible lawsuits and liabilities.

Do we work on Fiberglass or Doughboy pools?
No, we only work on in-ground, concrete pools. However, if you are looking to change from Fiberglass pool to concrete (plaster) pool we can do that.

Do we offer pool maintenance services?
No, but we will gladly refer you to someone in your area.

Do we offer a payment schedule?
Yes, payments are typically divided according to the work being completed.

What type of services do we offer?  Services

Do we paint pools?
No. Although it is an inexpensive alternative,  paint a much less durable material and will begin to peel off with time. Also, paint is more sensitive to the water chemistry and an imbalance can result in some chalky/murky looking water.

What are the care-tips for the first 30 days following replaster?
1) Make sure not to turn off the water filling the pool until the water level reaches half way passed the waterline tile; 2) As soon as the pool and spa are filled with water, please contact your pool man to begin the start up service; 3) No one is to use the pool or spa until the start up is completed; 4) If there is a pool/spa heater, please do not heat the water passed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, until 30 days have passed since we plastered. The reason for this being so that the plaster cures properly and to avoid premature discoloration of the plaster.

What is the Virginia Greame Baker Act?
The Virginia Greame Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act promotes the safe use of pools, spa, and hot tubs by imposing mandatory federal requirements for suction entrapment avoidance and by establishing a voluntary grant program for states with laws that meet certain minimum requirements as outlined in the Act. Effective December 20, 2007, the Act is being administered by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). All pools/spas are required to split each suction drain OR connect it to a certified safety vacuum release system, as well as the installation of certified V.G.B. compliant drain covers. However, for existing residential pools/spa, regulations differ by city. Please contact your city’s building and safety department for more information.
For more information on this Act, please visit the following websites:

What are the benefits of upgrading to pebble finish for my pool?
Pebble finish is a more durable material that will last you much longer than ordinary plaster, as it is less susceptible to chemical damage the way plaster can sometimes be. Another reason many choose to go with pebble, is that it gives the pool a more natural look. (Note: It is slightly rougher to the touch, so for those that would prefer a completely smooth finish it is recommended to go with polished pebble, regular plaster, Hydrazzo® finish, or any other smooth finish).
For more information on this product, please visit their site:

What are the benefits of upgrading to Hydrazzo® finish for my pool/spa?
Like pebble, it is a highly durable material. It is a very fine material and one of the smoothest finishes in the industry. Though more expensive, many customers choose the Hydrazzo® polished finish looking to add a more elegant touch to their pool/spa. This polished pool surface creates a finish that is naturally resistant to spot etching, topical stains, permanent scale and algae adhesion.
For more information on this product, please visit their site:

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