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Leak Repairs

Pool Leak Repairs Sylmar, CA
As your plastered pool ages, the surfaces would need intermittent repairs. The most common problems that homeowners must deal with are cracking, chipping, and hollow spots. Wear spots in plastering are also quite prevalent, and that's when deeper cracks begin to form, resulting in leakages.

Sometimes, pool leaks are caused by poorly compacted soil, incorrectly reinforced steel installation, inferior quality plastering, or mosaic tile installations. Regardless of the cause of the leak, timely intervention is crucial as a delay can result in more severe issues.

Premier Pool Plastering is a licensed, bonded, and insured company that offers excellent pool leak repair services to clients in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties. Call us for a free quote!

Why Timely Pool Repairs Are Crucial

We understand that sometimes pool-related issues could be caused by a combination of various factors. We also know from experience that whenever there is any problem in the plastering, tiling, or other features in your pool, timely intervention goes a long way in ensuring that the problem does not worsen.

Any cracks that are left unattended, end up weakening the structure and cause rust and corrosion in the steel reinforcement. While many companies in the region can offer you swimming pool repair solutions, not all are made equal. We are one of the most experienced and reputed companies in this industry and can handle a variety of swimming pool/spa leak repairs.

Pool and Spa Repair Services

We are up to speed with all the pool leak repair techniques such as high strength cement, rebar staples and other materials. Our company has handled many similar projects in the past, giving us the experience and expertise needed to tackle these jobs to industry standards. In addition to pool repairs, we also handle all types of spa repair jobs.

With us tackling this project for you, you can rest assured that your swimming pool repairs will be done within the shortest time without any compromise on quality. During the pool repair work, if you need any upgrades, additions, or renovation work, we can handle that.

Our Pool Repair Work Process

When you entrust your pool repair job to us, you can be sure that we will follow a systematic approach in every project:

  • Our team will first inspect the pool for leakages.
  • They will inspect the spa walls and jets.
  • The filter and plumbing will be inspected for faults.
  • The water features and any other features will be inspected thoroughly (in case your poolscape has these installations.)
  • We will also check the skimmer box and the plastering for rust/dark spots. These spots may indicate that there is some rust formation in the steel reinforcement under the plaster. In this case, we will remove the plaster surface in that area, treat the corrosion, and then patch your swimming pool with plaster.

For any more information about our pool/spa leak repair costs, please contact Premier Pool Plastering at 818-362-2228 or send us your request through this online form. One of our experts will contact you within a short time to discuss your requirements.

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